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Covid-19 Prep for level 3

Posted by United on 23, Apr 2020

Dear Customers
We are making preparations for a lifting to Level 3 next Tuesday and as such we expect to have a small crew in each location to ensure we can get back to providing you with services NZ wide. We attach our plan for operating at thgis level for your information.
At this stage we believe Level 3 will present some issues with many businesses not opening or only receiving deliveries on a restricted basis.
We are trying to establish how companies will want to handle areas like signing POD’s. Most courier companies are doing this on a contact-less basis only and we expect this will be the most preferred option . You may need to check with some of your larger  customers how they intend to do this. If delivery customers refuse to provide a name or an agreed signature process, we will not be able to deliver and as such we will return goods to our depot and await further instructions. We won’t be able to collect any goods if the receiver is unable to accept them.
We intend to only have a lean team at each location as this will minimise the issues in case anyone gets sick , allowing us to quickly isolate those involved and bring in another team if required. Staff will also be working in separate groups and all movements will be recorded daily including all our vehicles having the latest E-Road tracking devices.
We intend to get our operations back to providing a full service as soon as the freight volumes return to a “new normal” . Until that happens we will run when volumes dictate which could see a slower than normal service to some locations. Should the consignment be urgent , we will be able to quote a dedicated run rate ( effectively running to that location with a dedicated vehicle).
At this stage we do not intend to introduce any new surcharges but we will give as much notice as possible should this change..
Be assured , United has come through many crisis’s in the last 20+ years , we intend to come out of this stronger and with a better service for our customers.


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