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I/We have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of trade (click here) in respect of all future consignments for the carriage of goods by United Movers Limited, its subsidiaries, servants, agents, sub-contractors and actual carriers (“The Carrier”). I/We warrant to the Carrier that the above information is to the best of my our knowledge, information and belief true and correct and that I am we are duly authorised to enter into this application and place future orders on behalf of the Customer.


Please select applicable risk.

AT OWNERS RISK - Goods are to be carried at 'owner’s risk'. This means that the Carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless he intentionally loses or damages them.


I We agree that, unless the waybill in respect of any consignment is endorsed to the contrary by me/us and the Carrier, all consignments for the carriage of goods by the Carrier shall be at the risk specified above. If neither option is deleted, consignments are at limited carrier's risk.

By submitting this above form, I am confirming I have read United Movers terms and conditions of trade and that I am legally allowed to apply for for this service.

Please note: On approval of your successful credit application, we will send you your Guarantors document to sign.

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